1. From a fellow chronic “list maker” this hit hard. Although my current health situation pales in comparison I have struggled mightily trying to control things. Your message humbled me yet again. Blessings (and post it notes) to you.

  2. Thanks for writing Lori! It is so hard to not know what to expect. I do pray you feel better. You have been an anomaly and continue to be in many ways. Your blog definitely is unique and inspired! Love you!

  3. Lori just catching up on your blogs. Geez I need a list but what would I do with it. As I have gotten older I do make a grocery list and sometimes jot a few things at the end of the list !!! I’m on the verse “By the grace of God go I” Glad that you still like writing ur blog. Hope you have had a great day and weekend. Love to you.

  4. Lori… thanks again for a lesson I need. I love lists. I promise to let go and let God more. Maybe I just shorten the list to 1) follow God’s will.

  5. Oh Lori, I continue to be so humbled & inspired by your writings.
    I used to make lists on a daily basis as an Adminstrator in Surgery, but I never, not one single day, was I able to check everything as done. After years of trying I finally gave my days to God. He still has them, most days, but unfortunately, I still try & take them back …… only to release them once again.
    Why is it that I have to be so stubborn? He does such a better job at checking those boxes. I just love that about HIM
    And I love how much you are teaching me, about HIM, through your journey.
    Blessings doll

    1. I am truly a list-maker in recovery. It is a daily battle for me to fully trust and turn over the sticky notes. Trying to hold on to the promise that He is faithful to complete any task He has begun in us. Thank you for sharing!

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