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Surviving a Collapse

For nearly a decade, my mom and I shared a twice-yearly tradition/obsession. We met in a small town between us for their semi-annual city-wide sale called “Crazy Days.” We woke before dawn to beat other bargain hunters to the mall or the gift shop or the local boutique. Both o... Read More

Languishing & Loaned Words

It was a subject of every parent-teacher conference that year, and it lived on into my adulthood. It still has legs, even today. It was significant enough and memorable enough that Dad and I reminisced about it during his last weeks, and he even included it in the written account of his lif... Read More

Utility Room Faith

Functional rather than attractive, it never seemed odd or significant that we called it the “utility room” growing up. After a major remodel gobbled up our one-car garage, this tiny room became both a laundry room and miscellaneous storage. It was where our washer and... Read More

Parented by Porchlight

Oh no, the light is out. I’m in hot water. Rolling onto the crunchy gravel drive long past my high school curfew, something seemed off. The familiar porchlight that was always on until our last family member was safely inside, was dark. Either there had been a family ... Read More