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What Lasts Forever

She was never meant to last forever. But I didn’t know it. Growing up on our isolated farm, a door-to-door salesperson was a rare treat. So, my mother always welcomed in the Avon lady. Mom usually purchased practical items like lip balm, skin cream, or bath oil, but on a few memor... Read More

In the Shadow of a Stump

Some scriptures just seem to overpromise. Like the one about how believers can run and not grow weary, how we can soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31). I can’t remember ever running (or believing for something long-term) without getting super exhausted. And heart failure makes it nearly im... Read More

Getting OK with Giving Up

Following graduate school, my husband and I had a dream.

We wanted to open our own accounting practice together, raise children in a small town, and grow old in a tight-knit community, closer to extended family. So, we started praying, hard. We applied for pos... Read More