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If Your New Year Feels Like “2020, Too”

As we tiptoe into Year 3 of a pandemic many of us thought could never happen, I wanted to revisit some of my pre-COVID thoughts. I wanted to see if God still seems faithful, mighty to save, all-powerful, caring. Even more palpable, perhaps, than what is happening with the pand... Read More

When Christmas Feels Like a Catastrophe

It seemed destined to fail from the start. My three young adult kids decided to start a new tradition. Rather than purchasing ready-made, they wanted to make Christmas gifts for each family member. None of them lived here. They were all busy with college finals and new jobs right up u... Read More

On Hope and a Plan

In the 1970s, the year 2020 sounded very futuristic, like the shows we watched of The Six Million Dollar Man or Lost in Space. About that time, my older brother wrote some far-away predictions on a classroom-sized chalkboard that hung hidden (and rather out o... Read More

Receiving the Baton

Certain slices of life mamas never forget. Like the early days and weeks after bringing new babies home from the hospital. I especially remember the part their grandma played. Each time my mama showed up at just the right time. Brought all the right treats. Did all the right things. Read More