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Seeing Differently

After our routine fall screenings, the stern school nurse placed a typewritten note in my hand for home delivery—I needed a professional eye exam. I had no idea I had an issue, and neither did my parents. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, and I was concerned. But turns out, it was a good ... Read More

What to Do When the Dream Dies Again

Sometimes I wonder if parents have a special love language toward their children. I’m talking about how good it feels to give them a gift, to help them fulfill a dream. Nothing much like it in parenting, I think. Even Scripture says all parents want to give good gifts to their ch... Read More

My Gift to You: Prayers for Mothers

For me and my siblings, the idea of mother and prayer are inseparable. The four of us heard about God’s love first through our mother’s bedside prayers. She prayed throughout her entire life, and we were frequently the subject of her thanksgiving and requests.   [click_to_tweet twee... Read More