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Trusting God with the Unknown

I thought surely one of them would answer their phone. I had slept in that early fall Saturday morning, and expected my husband and son to be home after perhaps a run to the Farmer’s Market, or maybe a literal run. It was cool and clear, and my next rationale was that they were a... Read More

Seeing Differently

After our routine fall screenings, the stern school nurse placed a typewritten note in my hand for home delivery—I needed a professional eye exam. I had no idea I had an issue, and neither did my parents. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, and I was concerned. But turns out, it was a good ... Read More

What to Do When the Dream Dies Again

Sometimes I wonder if parents have a special love language toward their children. I’m talking about how good it feels to give them a gift, to help them fulfill a dream. Nothing much like it in parenting, I think. Even Scripture says all parents want to give good gifts to their ch... Read More