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A Season of Grief & Gratitude

“You just sunk our friendship!” My older sibling laid the harsh words on me early one Christmas Break. I was a little unclear about what I had done, but I knew it was bad, and this faux pas had created a big loss. We could no longer be friends. Ever again. Crushed, I did th... Read More

Receiving the Baton

Certain slices of life mamas never forget. Like the early days and weeks after bringing new babies home from the hospital. I especially remember the part their grandma played. Each time my mama showed up at just the right time. Brought all the right treats. Did all the right things. Read More

What Lasts Forever

She was never meant to last forever. But I didn’t know it. Growing up on our isolated farm, a door-to-door salesperson was a rare treat. So, my mother always welcomed in the Avon lady. Mom usually purchased practical items like lip balm, skin cream, or bath oil, but on a few memor... Read More

In the Shadow of a Stump

Some scriptures just seem to overpromise. Like the one about how believers can run and not grow weary, how we can soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31). I can’t remember ever running (or believing for something long-term) without getting super exhausted. And heart failure makes it nearly im... Read More