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Parented by Porchlight

Oh no, the light is out. I’m in hot water. Rolling onto the crunchy gravel drive long past my high school curfew, something seemed off. The familiar porchlight that was always on until our last family member was safely inside, was dark. Either there had been a family ... Read More

Not What We Expected

It’s been six months since we said goodbye in the middle of a bizarre autumn cold snap. It should have been in the high 60s that day. But it wasn’t. Snow fell like grace in the late October wheat fields as we buried my momma. A strange blanket of comfort, as if God was saying,... Read More

Making Mistakes

I’ve been through the events in my mind for years, trying to nail down how it could have happened. This is my best guess. One Saturday pre-chronic-illness, I walked into the kitchen to take my once-a-week bone density pill. As I unwrapped my pill, the phone rang. I answered... Read More

What Love Looks Like

I was in third grade before I knew that a human heart is not smooth and simple and symmetrical. A trip to the science museum proved it. Wondrous and vital as the human heart is, it’s also scary-looking, lopsided, and a bit complicated. Love first masquerades as a soft romance, too. But when we... Read More

On Hope and a Plan

In the 1970s, the year 2020 sounded very futuristic, like the shows we watched of The Six Million Dollar Man or Lost in Space. About that time, my older brother wrote some far-away predictions on a classroom-sized chalkboard that hung hidden (and rather out o... Read More