Has God Turned His Back on You?


  1. I love this, Lori! And I’m so honored whenever I get a shoutout in your writings. You have a tremendous gift of connecting our life experiences to lessons of faith. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Brad. We have lots of history between us, and I am still learning from you as well. Grateful for your faith example and friendship!

    1. Charleen, I’m so glad my experience spoke into yours. I have to remind myself often about seeing God’s back. I was blessed to hear from you today!

  2. This is so hard to read. It is so hard to believe and have faith when everything goes wrong all of the time. I believe, have faith, pray, and still life just flat out craps on me. It said that “we chose sin” so he turned his back, right? I didn’t choose to get incurable disease at 20 years old, end my college days one semester short of graduating. Been working a terrible job because I have no degree for years. I’m almost 43 now and I really just want to give up on religion as a whole. Nobody who loves someone would let things that I have seen happen to them when they have ultimate control to end it. I am so mad at God if he is real. I am so hurt, angry, abandoned and just plain hate it right now. It almost seems better to just accept that the world is a crappy place and that you have to get lucky or be born into a wealthy/good family for you to be “blessed” My faith is at an all time low. I really just want to believe that there is nothing but nothingness and darkness after death as there was before birth. It is easier to accept that than to feel forsaken by an “Almighty Creator” that loves us dearly. I’d rather almost just chalk it up to bad luck than trying to keep my faith and be a believer in the Almighty. I have sinned, we all have, but my God at what point is enough enough? It just breaks my heart to think that a “father” would do such things. I have a child and I would take every ounce of suffering away from him to have a wonderful, happy healthy life and be productive and have a wonderful family and wife and children. I know I have rambled but I’m so angry at the idea of a God that lets his people suffer when we try to bring his light to many. I’m lost, I’m desperate and I am really wanting to just give up on God and be a nonbeliever.

    1. J, thank you for this. I wish I had nice, tidy answers for all of your questions. If you’ve read enough of my writing, you know I have a fair share of my own questions. In fact, I think it is safe to say I fight every day to still believe. But I do. I’m learning that faith is often not an absolute proof, but a trust fall. I have chosen to go through the inevitable tough times of life with God instead of without Him. Though we often feel like we should be able to pray away our trouble or at least ease our pain, God never promised an easy life, or even a resolved life. His own Son didn’t have one, and nearly all of his disciples met with a painful death themselves. Jesus warned we would have trouble in this life. And there is no cause and effect that determines how much of that trouble any of us get. If it were that simple, God would be pretty easy to choose, but it wouldn’t be faith and it certainly wouldn’t be love. It would be to protect ourselves.

      I hurt with you that you are in this difficult place in life and in faith. I pray that you don’t give up on God, and don’t think you are alone in your questioning. The psalms are full of lament about some horrible circumstances from some strong believers. It is part of the journey to question and poke and prod and wrestle. There is no wrong way to do that. Just know that I can totally relate to how you feel. The book I wrote (Divine Detour) contains one entire section on the question, “Is God Always Good?” and it makes up one third of the book.

      Finally, I urge you to find a church family local to you who can walk through this with you. Though I am a bit of a “loner” myself, I have come to appreciate the part others play in completing our picture of faith.

      You are being prayed for.

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