1. Thank you so much for another great blog! I was with Nikki this week and asked her what the final outcome was of you getting stuck in the mud in the pig pen. She said she didn’t know, that you probably went to the house to get Mom. I’m glad you brought the story back up in this blog because I have worried about you in the pig pen all week. Hopefully you didn’t get in trouble for making a long distance call to your Dad’s office (I remember those long distance calls…) and that none of the pigs perished because of lack of water! Yes… I”m weird like that 🙂 Praying for you daily… keep up the great writing!

    1. I love this, Donna! Thank you so much for being a faithful reader. You felt my pain! I truly appreciate the continued prayers.

  2. Lori. Just catching up. My brother was telling me today that he had been reading your blog and how inspiring it is. Hope you have had a great day. Carol

    1. Thank you, Carol. It is a great encouragement to me that your brother reads and benefits from my blog!

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