My Story is His Story

01. February 2018 Blog Posts 12

I should have started this blog months ago, years ago even, when I first became ill. But as in all of life, we don’t always realize we’re in the middle of something big right away. Sometimes never, actually. But 26 months into my diagnosis, I realize now how God has walked through this with me, all 805 days and counting. (If you’re interested in a quick summary of those days, click on the My Story tab under Help for the Journey. Otherwise, we’ll unpack what’s happened as we go.)


Another reason I haven’t started until now is that, along with living in denial, I’ve been living in fear. Not of my disease or survival so much, although some days those can swallow me up. Mostly, my fear has been that I’m not ready to write this; I’m not equipped. This isn’t some cheap romance novel or insta story. This is the most important story of my life, and contains a miraculous message. So I waited to be “ready.” But then I realized that I don’t want to die with this story inside me. It was meant to be bigger than that. It is God’s story and He has entrusted me to tell it, however imperfectly.


So that’s my mea culpa. Bear with me as we write this story together, as I try to be as honest and hopeful as I can, and as I continue to learn to trust in God’s perfect storyline. What I have to say is not just for those with heart failure, or even chronic illness. Rather, it is to people who just because they’re people are hurting in very real ways, and trying desperately to continue on with their lives.


Disease has confirmed my suspicion that we’re all much more alike than we are different. All uniquely human, but all made in the image of a marvelous God. Although my experiences are not your experiences, my triumphs and disappointments are somehow shared and even universal. In that way, this is everyone’s story, and I want to encourage you to help me write it. For my part, I pray that whatever perhaps awkward transparency this introvert can muster might help bridge a crumbling hope or calm a paralyzing fear.


In that vein, I am occasionally called on to share my survivor story. That sounds so important and almost revered. Truth is, if you’re reading this, you have a survivor story as well. What separates survivors from the rest? We’re simply all survivors until we’re not. I’m under no illusion: my survivorship, like yours, is a temporary assignment. Still, my story isn’t finished yet and neither is yours.


CS Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” We all have things we wish we could redo: mistakes we’d correct, circumstances we’d rewire, relationships we’d mend, diseases we’d erase. But we grow faith in those dark places like we never could in success, or calm, or health. Yes, the ending to my story and yours is still being written. We’re all still somewhere in the messy middle.  But we shouldn’t lay too much regret over what’s already happened. The whole of your story and mine has brought us to this moment: the point to be seeking God and His purpose for the ending we want our stories to have. You bless me by choosing to be part of mine.


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12 thoughts on “My Story is His Story”

  • 1
    Sally on February 1, 2018 Reply

    Much love to you Lori and to Dell for being so brave and reaching out beyond your comfort zone to help others. It will make a difference.

    • 2
      Lori Ann Wood on February 2, 2018 Reply

      Thank you, Sally! So good to hear your kind words of encouragement!

  • 3
    Keri on February 1, 2018 Reply

    Lori! How awesome. The perfect length too. 😉 So proud that you didn’t wait until you were “ready”. 🙂 You will do big things with this, I know it.

    • 4
      Lori Ann Wood on February 2, 2018 Reply

      That means so much to me, Keri. Thank you!

  • 5
    Diana Bonham on February 2, 2018 Reply

    Lori…Have thot of you & Dell & your family a lot & wondered how you were doing…Ron & I are in the “middle” of our story now dealing w/ his botched back surgery & my chronic illness battling Mast Cell Activation Disorder or Syndrome…MCAD/MCAS…I am so encouraged by your bravery & courage & your wise Words witnessed already!!! We are all on this road of life together just trying to find our way & we wish you the best!!! Thank You for being there with your wisdom & encouraging words of God’s presence!!! Much Love!!!❤️❤️❤️

    • 6
      Lori Ann Wood on February 2, 2018 Reply

      Diana, we think of you both so often. Please keep us posted about you and Ron. Your encouraging words mean so much because of the special place you hold in our hearts. Love you!

  • 7
    Michelle on February 2, 2018 Reply

    I never feel ready, either. I just go ahead and hit “publish.” I’m so glad you got started and I look forward to reading more.

    • 8
      Lori Ann Wood on February 2, 2018 Reply

      Thanks, Michelle! I look forward to learning more from you as I move forward.

  • 9
    Sherri McReynolds on February 8, 2018 Reply

    Lori, you will touch so many by doing this blog and being so honest and transparent! Thank you for being willing to lay your struggle open in order to help others, but above all give glory to the One who is making all of it possible. I look forward to following along. Love you, sister.

    • 10
      Lori Ann Wood on February 8, 2018 Reply

      Thank you, Sherri! I appreciate your sweet words. Love you!

  • 11
    Kayla Loomis on February 10, 2018 Reply

    Just getting to start reading your blog today! I feel so honored to be able to see how beautiful and honest your love for God and love for life is! Thank you for sharing and for proclaiming God’s work in your life in ways that others can’t and for having the courage to do so. Can’t wait to read more! Love from Oklahoma!

    • 12
      Lori Ann Wood on February 10, 2018 Reply

      Your faith has been an inspiration to me, Kayla. I will never be the same.

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