1. I’m not good with words but this blog reflects what I thought I was thinking. God bless you for your attitude and gratitude. Your a keeper! Love Dad

    1. So much of my perspective on life came from things instilled in me when I was growing up. Grateful for you, Dad, and the influence you are.

  2. I know this for sure Lori — I am grateful and thankful for you and your improved health. Your journey has shown me so much and greatly improved my prayer life. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

    1. You’re part of the reason I can be grateful, friend. Thank you for your faithful prayers. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. No words, just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for you. Thank you!
    I love you Lori Wood,
    Happy Thanksgiving & grateful living

  4. Lori, what a lovely perspective you have. Thank you for sharing it! I’m grateful that you are the ‘word nerd” that you are 🙂 so that I get to draw inspiration and grace from you!

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