1. Wow. What a message! It’s often hard to feel that HE is enough…great reminders today Lori!! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Beth. It is one of my biggest struggles in life. I’m thankful it resonated with you as well!

  2. I look forward to reading your blog every Tuesday morning. The analogies you use to describe life are extremely accurate. Our life can be perfect one minute and maybe not so much the next. The readings lately have been about Job and his trials. I often wonder what will be mine? Thank you Lori. May we all have the strength it takes to do the will of God..

    1. So very true about life taking unexpected detours. The challenge is to hold on to our faith. Thank you!

  3. This idea really puts “things” and life circumstances into perspective. I love it. What a powerful image.
    Thanks for your inspirational guidance each week!

    1. Vischer was fascinating to hear. His presentation was short but perhaps the most powerful I heard the entire day.

  4. This is exactly what I needed to hear today, Lori, from another woman who understands the impact of a random occurence of a potentially life threatening chronic illness on her dreams. Dawn Grabs shared your blog with me since I’m living with the chronic illness of metastatic/stage 4 breast cancer. Have you read Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms by Max Lucado? It helps too. Thank you for putting yourself out there in your blog.

    1. So excited to hear from you, Leigh Ann! I am encouraged when the scattered thoughts in my head mean something to someone else. Thank you for your example of honest faith through a devastating diagnosis. I’m adding you to my prayer list, sister. Hope we get an opportunity to meet one day.

  5. Ahhh, keep writing, Lori! I’m so excited to get to read your lovely stories now! I’m sharing your blog with my group of single women with metastatic breast cancer and their caregivers from the retreat my Mom and I went on recently and the hospital staff who put it on for us. Thanks for your message and prayers and I’m adding you to my prayer list as well. I hope we get to meet as well! Big Hug!

  6. Love this article reminded me of when Mark was small I would say “I love your nose and reply “I love your eyes” and it would go on. So thankful for these precious memories. So we hold on to these as we hold on to our promises from God. And off we go along the road of Life. Happy trails to you and Dale.

  7. I love this post! The analogies are amazing and relatable! I had no idea he went bankrupt and that’s why there’s not more veggie tales :(. My oldest grew up watching them over and over again. We loved them. And it’s so true. Just because you have a dream, one you thought was God given, doesn’t mean it will be there forever or successful. God wants to be the center of your life and your focus and will remind you of it if you fall of course, it’s up to you to listen and obey. Great writing!!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. He was a fascinating speaker to experience. His message made a lasting impression on me. Appreciate your feedback!

  8. Lori, you always leave us with great reminders! Sometimes I don’t even know what my dream is except that my kids are well and safe and happy. I’m so bad a goals. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I love your blogs and writing!

    1. I can relate to your thoughts on goals and dreams, Loretta. You have realized many dreams from where I sit (whether they were your actual goals or not)! I’m trying to stay flexible in what I plan to allow God’s greater Plan to take shape in my little chapter of the Story. So great to hear from you. Take care!

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