1. Oh, my, I remember those sweeties! You and I truly are kindred spirits! I, too, hate change (and buck against it!) and am not a fan of my empty nest. I’m so thankful you started this blog. It speaks to me every time! Thank you!

  2. Lori, I absolutely love reading your posts!! Your words above really resonated with me: “After more than two decades in the daily role of parenting with him, I am now reminded of why I chose him in the first place.” Becoming empty nesters 7 years ago was definitely a scary prospect! But after a brief transition period, Kelly and I discovered that we actually still kind of like each other and enjoy discovering old and new shared interests! We now embrace this time in our lives and love the relationships that we have with our adult children. Thanks for the reminder to keep seeking joy in the midst of change!

  3. Lori, thank you for sharing this. Applies to everyone. I have to say, when I see you and Dale, in your yard or especially taking a walk, I sense so much caring and companionship between the two of you. It never fails to affect me. It’s a special gift, easily overlooked or taken for granted, to have that type of friendship. What a blessing.

    Best, Jennifer

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