1. Thank you! I’ve recently been having a very hard time with the passage of seasons of life, triggered by the sale of our home of 20 yrs to “downsize” since the kids are all gone. And haven’t been kids for a long time! I, too, have an attic full of precious memories and needed the reminder that God has this time thing under control and that my fear of “losing” time is simply a lack of trust. Thank you!

    1. We are kindred spirits. I had such a hard time moving from the home where the kids spent their childhoods! All the posters and dolls and toys got packed away and never unpacked. When I realized the kids didn’t really want those “memories” nearly as much as I did, I knew I needed to re-evaluate. Truth is, my attic is still full, though. And I’m finding that they don’t bring me the comfort I was hoping for, either. So thankful for God’s comfort through this crazy life.

  2. I second what Cindy said. And thanks Lori for your faithfulness in writing twice a week. I look forward to seeing it pop up in my inbox :).

  3. Believe it or not, Lori, I remember that graduation speech! As we get older, time definitely has a different quality, especially when we are faced with its limitations. You have expressed that beautifully in this reflection. Thank you.

  4. Now I can’t remember why I walk into a room at times and names of people or how to finish a sentence, I do remember you using Time In A Bottle at our graduation! I also remember that girl in the cap and gown!

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