1. You did a great job of expanding Jack’s thoughts and relating them to our current sermon series.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Jack is special to me and I know to countless others, so I was hesitant to try to put his influence into words. I had written this a few weeks ago in anticipation of the past busy weekend. Amazed to learn Sunday that our current sermon series is Be Still. The Spirit moves in mysterious ways!

  2. This is a beautiful reminder of how important it is to slow down and take time to reflect and to pray. It’s something I needed to hear today, Lori. Thank you for your incredible writings!

  3. It seems that both you and Jack figured out how to sela somewhat silently but with grace and a hopeful resolve. Rather than being crushed, your character and faith is deepened. You both transformed your sela to beauty. As I selah your influence, I wish a different path for you, but if granted I might regret the missing influence of your Sela for those you love. You both are admired!

    1. Thank you. On our own, we would probably never choose the path that is best for us. I appreciate your constant support and encouragement more than you may ever know.

  4. Beautifully and thoughtfully written. I shall be pondering on how this looks and feels in my own life.

    1. Thank you, Becky! I’d love to hear how it applies for you. The older I get, the more I realize how alike we all really are. Great to hear from you!

  5. I relate to so much of what you wrote, but especially loved your line “God’s power holds us in that harsh moment, and our relationship with Him is strengthened.” Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  6. Jack was an example to everyone. Such a blessing to have been his friend. Loved him dearly and treasure the memories and life lessons he lived.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing those definitions with us. I never paid any attention to those words. In a hurry I guess.
    However, The definitions remind me of something our former minister said about the Bible. He said read less but think more. That is a challenge I try to pursue each time I read. I ask myself what is God asking me to learn from this passage. Thank you!!

    1. “Read less but think more.” Love that! Thank you for reading along and commenting. So great to hear from you!

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