1. “But what shines clear is what still makes it home today:  the safety and the love.” Love this, Lori. You made me homesick but in a good way:)

  2. I told all of my children in their senior letters I wrote to them, “No matter how far you go, ‘home’ will always be where Dad and I are.” Which Austin said back to me when I was having such a hard time moving last year. While I’m glad he remembered that, I didn’t need him spouting my own words back to me! Lol But you’re so right, “This earth is not my home, I’m just a’passin thru…”

    1. I love it when the kids speak our words back to us! You understand about moving because you are my soul sister when it comes to mothering. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Well you did it again! Wow how did you know this subject has been on my heart as of late? I’ve been traveling back to my “hometown” (or at least where I grew up) for some 50 year class reunion planning. I’ve gone by my old home and it’s been transformed by all the new owners it no longer resembles anything I remember. What it does do is spark that memory of the times with my parents and the love shared there while growing up. Those are what sustains me now with them having gone in to heaven. Thanks for your reminder. I continue to be BLESSED by your insights Lori. Grace and Peace dear friend.

    1. Thank you for sharing. We are so wired to want home. God had a reason for creating us this way, for sure! I appreciate your spiritual leadership and example more than you know. Thankful for you and Martha every day.

  4. We went to visit in our other home town a week ago, only to find you had gone to your other home town too! It was wonderful seeing so many of our dear friends there, but we did miss seeing you. What comfort to know there is yet another home town for us and one day we’ll all be there together. Your letters are so encouraging and I enjoy sharing them with many friends.

    1. So sad we missed you, sweet friend! But you are right, so much to look forward to in our true Home. Blessings to you and Jasper.

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