1. Wow, hard to believe it has been a year! Thank YOU for using your amazing talent to encourage and enrich our lives by sharing your story. I still marvel how your disease has launched such an inspiring ministry and I can’t help but wonder if you would be writing if you hadn’t experienced this detour.
    Hanging on to this little nugget, “Our strengths were designed for God’s glory and our weaknesses for His power. ” so much truth, letting it soak in today.

    1. Thank you, Holly. Your amazing support has been a lifeline to me throughout the last three years. So true that we never know where God is going to take us. Holding on in trust with so many others on a path they didn’t plan to be on.

  2. I have truly gained so much from your insightful writings, Lori. You have become an important part of my own faith journey.

    1. That is a high compliment from you, Brad, as I have always admired your faith. Thank you for your encouragement.

  3. Oh my! How this post resonated in my spirit. Comparing my beginning to other writers middle (or higher) caused my writing to freeze like a tongue to a metal pole in frigid temps. God’s nudge to get me unstuck comes from stories like this one.

    We both began Write Brilliant around the same time (May, 2018), and your story and writing style has always put you at the middle from the get-go. Keep up your amazing story telling. I can’t wait to buy your book.

    1. This made my day, Janice! Thank you for always encouraging, always leaving nuggets of hope and inspiration for others. I have loved your writing as well, and look forward to seeing your name in print. Just know that you have encouraged someone today perhaps even more than you realize.

  4. One of my all-time favorite memories from my childhood! 🙂
    I pray each day for His guidance and grace.
    Thank you my dear, humble, and gifted friend for sharing with all of us. Your gift of words and getting so many of your thoughts down on paper always inspires me….many that we share. ❤️

    1. I was hoping you would know this friend was you! I have a heart full of precious memories that include you. Thank you for reading and encouraging. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

  5. I’m deeply moved by your words. Thank you for your transparency, your honesty, and your willingness to step forth in ways He is calling. You’re opening your arms wide to our Creator, and your actions are saying, “I trust You. Please help me to trust You.” Keep going, dear sister in Christ. He is moving mountains through you! Thank you for encouraging me today!

    1. So sweet of you to say. I am always excited when my words carry the Spirit’s message. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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