1. I love the thought that Mary kept the empty frankincense jar!!!!!
    Oh and how…….I remember looking for retainers!!!!! Childhood memories!!!!!! Lol!
    I agree that most of the “stuff “ that I keep is because of the memories attached to it. Certainly hope that love and memories are attached to ones heart and soul. Which would give this life here on earth added meaning.

    1. So true! Our special things still bring back those precious feelings…except for the retainer memories. I definitely didn’t keep any of those!

  2. I did not know that you knew Kelly Boeh! We were at Elm Tree and I didn’t know if other schools were aware of the wreck and death. I forget all three girls names – Candice, Alexis, and ??? Did you know they live in the KC area?

    Incidentally, my brother in law, Father Mark Mertes performed Kelly’s wedding ceremony! Love ya, Kim Mertes

    1. Wow! Small world keeps getting smaller. The lost triplet was Hillary. We knew them from soccer and other mutual friends. They played with Emily. I was just weeks away from delivering my third, Maggie, and it hit me hard. I did not know they are in K.C. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Great writing. I was particularly impressed with your comparison of losing your ring to a friend losing their daughter. And how material things are maybe not that important. Keep writing.

    1. Thanks, Brad. We visited you that weekend, mid-search. Not sure if you ever knew it was gnawing beneath the surface!

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