1. Lori,

    Thank you, Lori, for your words and inspiration. You are in my prayers daily. I pray not just for your strength and acceptance, but for healing. I do not think it is wrong or weak to ask for–indeed beg for–healing, any more than I think it is a lack of faith if our prayers for healing are not answered. We know there is an answer–and that some day, in God’s time, it will be revealed. Yet, it is the human spirit to want to live, to experience everything this wonderful life has to give. So, yes, I plead for healing–for you, myself, and all those who suffer. Bless you, and thank you.

    Your unfairness theme today really hit me. Throughout my life, one of my main entertainments, joys, and comforts has been music. Now I have a syndrome in which sound sensitivity makes it so I can barely stand to hear the radio or even conversations (or the organ in church!) let alone a live performance. Well, it’s probably no surprise that God has not explained Himself to me–as to why He would take away a main joy in life. But, certainly He has made me think deeply about what the loss of this treasure means. It can only mean that God’s choir and symphony will not only be eternal, but will require no expensive tickets!

    Bless you, Lori, and thank you!

    P.S. I sort of believe in karma–not as a punishment, but as a “learning opportunity.” Surely the lady who took your daughter’s phone will have this “learning opportunity” soon when it comes back to her. I ask for blessings for her too!

  2. Lori, I have so much on my heart where you are concerned, but unlike you I just can’t write and express myself. Just know that I am caring, loving and praying for you on this difficult journey.
    Love you

    1. This means so much to me, Donette. Thank you for reading along, and for all your prayers and support.

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