1. Lori i will have to say this post made me cry. Not knowing the details of how bad you really were during the beginning and even now with your daily struggles. We continue to pray for you and Dell and your precious family. Your words weekly are a true encouragement. Love you more than you will ever know.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. Your prayers have meant so much to us. We love and miss you both.

  2. I love this … I still stay in touch with the angel God sent to me dressed as a nurse who handed me my adopted son. Before leaving from her shift, she stopped by to encourage me and looked at my anxious, scared face and said …. “It’s all going to work out & I will be praying for you”. God bless the angels who are disguised as medical professions.

  3. This is so precious to hear from a patient perspective! Praise God for all He is doing! With each blog I read, I just see more and more evidence of how God is working in you and your life life! This brings such glory to the Lord!

  4. I read your post and it brought tears to my eyes, I never knew that my patient’s noticed the things that we do, especially when they are overwhelmed and sick. We usually hear everything that we have done wrong, so it was refreshing to read your kind words. Thank you for noticing. I know I love my job, I may be tired at times “yawn”, but I still love what I do. My son ask me often how you are doing and I always tell him, you are doing great!!!

    1. Susan,

      I will never forget the care I have received from your team and the genuine concern you have shown. Thank you is not enough.


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