1. Thank you for your well presented thoughts. I often feel like I should wear a sign stating why I am using a handicapped parking spot, Dr says I should. My wife now does many of the things I used to do, without her life would be much harder for me.
    Appreciate your attitude, your love and caring for others.
    Love you

    1. I thought of you when I was writing this, Chuck, after our conversation on Sunday. You really do look great but I also know enough to know that doesn’t tell the whole story. Hang in there! You inspire me.

  2. I’m sure guilty of making quick judgments, Lori. When I do learn more, I’m usually humbled by my incorrect assessment. This is a good reminder to me to not draw conclusions without true knowledge or understanding. Thanks for your great work on these valuable blog posts!

  3. Lori, this is so filled with God’s wisdom. Thank you for putting into words some things we are so easily tempted to wrongly see!! I inspired me to have better “vision” as God wants me to have. Thank you for sharing‼️

    1. I am still working on this daily, even though I should know better by now! Thankful for the grace-filled heart of God. Love hearing from you, Marsha!

  4. Yes, it can be so frustrating to just be able to see the outside and not the inside of those we don’t love, because we/I so often misjudge without understanding the truth in the situation. But God sees and knows our thought and hearts, and is forgiving to us, for which we can be thankful. Praying that I develop better “eyes” to see what really matters in life and to love from that. Thanks for your post, Lori.

    1. Yes! So thankful for grace for the times we see right through people. Appreciate your thoughts, Carolyn.

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