1. Thank you for always reading. Life can only be understood in retrospect but has to be lived forward. I think we all suffer from that in some form, just because we’re human. Your support encourages me in many ways.

  1. Lori, You sound somewhat depressed. I have been optimistic about your health (maybe not complete recovery but living a long, productive, and happy life) as long as you continue the path you are now on. I pray every night that that will be true. Remember, mental attitude is very important in these things. Glad you are publicly writing a lot. Good for you and even better for the rest of us who read it.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and for your faithful prayers. God is in control and I have faith in His goodness.

  2. “Don’t let the immediacy of today’s needs rob you of the wealth of tomorrow.” Hanging on to this nugget of wisdom.

  3. Wow Lori! We just never know what life has in store. I love the birthday party seedling/weed analogy. God bless you!

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