1. Lori,
    this was so good.
    4 years ago my daughter was wrongly accused of sexually abusing her then 9 year old daughter. Her ex basically kidnapped her and then his wife proceeded to brainwash her into thinking that the lies were truth.
    Today is another court case dealing with it.
    How long, O Lord?

    Thanks so much for listening to God’s voice and sharing with us.

    1. Oh Jan, this is so hard. Thank you for sharing and giving voice to what many of us are feeling in varying degrees, in different areas of life. I have added you to my prayer list for understanding, peace, and a quick resolution. You will be in my heart as God continues to move in your life.

    1. Thank you, Tracy. And you are so right…I am learning to be grateful for God’s wisdom and foresight even on days I doubt His timing!

  2. How cool of God to give us time
    to seek Him, time to love Him and others, before we step out of time into eternity. I am sorry for the loss of your parents, but I’m sure it’s comforting to know you will see them in a few moments. 💖🥰💕

    1. Hi Rena, so grateful for your comment. I love your perspective of God giving us time to love Him and others. What a beautiful thought! This is something I will be coming back to often when I doubt His timing. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Nancy. It’s always an encouragement to know when my writing speaks to someone else. Have a blessed week!

  3. This is a very insightful reflection, Lori. Seems like the value and meaning of time changes over one’s life.

    1. Great observation, Brad. I would agree with this for sure! Time was a totally different commodity to me a few decades ago.

  4. Lori, How “timely” your story was for me today. I have been waiting on God to bless my son who graduated from the UofA in May with just the right job (sometimes just any job). Daily asking for the LORD to make seen what remains unseen. But still He has us wait. It’s becomes increasingly hard to hear stories of those receiving God’s provision and feeling He, who has all resources is seemingly “withholding” His blessing. Yet we wait, knowing God’s timing is best, knowing His ways are above our ways, and knowing His purpose is for our good and for His glory. So, your story encouraged me today reminding me God is working behind the scenes and is motivated by deep love for my son and in His perfect timing the unseen will be made seen.

    1. I am with you, Susan! Sometimes the most difficult timing to endure is the one that involves a child, especially a grown child with big decisions and a free will of their own. And then to feel that for some reason God is withholding something good from them. I will be praying that God makes a perfect way for your son, in His perfect timing. Your faith and words have blessed me today.

  5. Loriann
    This touched my heart. My husband got COVID-19 and went into the hospital on Thanksgiving Day 2020 and came home on hospice in January. I took care of him until he passed away the day before his birthday in July 2021. In April this year, I was diagnosed with severe heart failure. I had surgery to replace a damaged valve in May. Recovery has been way slower than I expected and have had unexpected complications. Thank you reminding me the timeline is in God’s hands.

    1. Oh Linda, you have had a tough few years. I am so sorry to hear about your husband and your heart failure. May God give you special care and comfort as you walk the hard path of heart failure with a grieving heart. I can’t imagine. I’ll be praying that you will continue to fully heal from it all as you put your trust in His timing.

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