1. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you’ve gathered. We are just entering the start of independence in our oldest, and it is a challenge to change past patterns. I was struck by the visuals of protecting vs preparing and a dream contained in our hands is not likely to match what God has prepared for us. Timely.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I’ve only recently understood the balance of protecting and preparing, and how protecting lessens with time and preparing increases. This would have been handy earlier in my mothering career, but it still applies. With you on this difficult parenting path as we watch God’s best unfold for our children.

  2. The struggle is very, very real. 😭 While me selfish self wants them here, I have to constantly remind myself that in essence, I prayed for this when I gave the to Him. Be careful what you pray for! Much love to you!

    1. I always think of you when I am pondering about parenting faraway children. Thank you for being a kindred soul. Love you!

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